Esteemed colleagues!

As I set about to write my speech that I will read to you today, I wondered where I should start, what I should say and what I should exclude from the totality of domestic and international processes that intertwine via our individual destinies and the destinies of whole nations – from which journalists and journalism are inseparable.

What is the importance of journalism for the present-day power of the ruling crust and for their victory – this is best seen, from global to local level, as the capital behind the influential media is revealed. This can also be put differently – when you hear or read information released by a specific medium, are you immediately aware whose capital, i.e. whose interests are behind it? This awareness is indicative of both the power and the failure of our profession. Hence!

Journalism that used to keep a watchful eye on the processes of state systems and on global processes, that used to act as а corrective force vis-à-vis the might of those in government and as a bell alerting the people about forthcoming threats – this journalism is today the servant of those who once trembled because of all that?!

The globalist cancer that metastasizes via all segments of pubic processes – spreads via the microphones and pens of their canvas activists that have retained only the name of our once honest profession! They were even – for the sake of misleading the plebs – conferred the title of "independent journalists", an alibi they hide behind for the purpose of achieving more successful deception?!

In the globalist march against the world the ancient values and all the rest have been brought down to the level of prostitution?! Sales are made to those, who pay more? It is all the same if they sell themselves, history, territory, truth, people – they trade dishonestly with what an honest person does not put up for trade!

The best explanation for the time of prostitution we live in can be provided as we trace the concept of patriotism from the past to the present day. Throughout history patriotism has always had the same implications: pride, honor, example and glory, in the same way as the betrayal of one’s people, their country, truth... has implied dishonesty, disgrace and punishment! In times of globalist occupation, when pressure is exercised to change the mentality of people, there is a distinct replacement of the thesis, so what used to be disgraceful is used today to boost pride, and what once was a reason for pride is nowadays a cause of shame?! In order to manage the plebs more easily, our occupier, by this replacement of the thesis, first and foremost changes the packaging of the categories of patriotism and betrayal?! Thus todaythose hirelings that are “sold" in our sector feel free from the disgrace associated with their “works” and proudly support the interests of their bosses?!

Hardly any part of society is forgotten at this market of dishonesty, so why should it be different for journalism! Not only has it failed to escape, but compared to all professions that have been affected by present-day diseases, it has suffered the most! It was the first to give in, because without the power of information it is difficult to seize and retain power! That is why the strong of the day bribed our profession by way of logistic support! Journalism, in its primary meaning – except for the honest individuals and examples – has been converted into a dishonest loudspeaker in the hands of those who pay the most! At this market such journalists should meet only two conditions – to be knowledgeable and to be dishonest! Thus, journalism passed away blessed by ruthless capital!

Each occupier tends to impose full control on the occupied state, on the people, on the opponents from the other team...! Propaganda and propaganda warfare are today part and parcel of all these “battlefields”! He, who has no “army” of those so-called journalists, cannot survive! They are responsible for this job – from the preparation to the ultimate victory! Because there can be no occupation, baton, boots or tanks that are stronger than brainwashed people! Only when you completely do something to the brain is one ultimately defeated! Well, this task is today handled by “soldiers”, referred to as "independent journalists"! On the other hand, in this business, they do not need special efforts or investigative journalism! The only thing they have to do is cope skillfully with the already prepared propaganda – put it professionally in the form of truth while using a journalist mould – they influence people and guide them to the side where their bosses are in charge! Those "independents" are the mightiest weapons in the hands of the enemy that both kill and leave victims alive! Employing all microphones and pens they hit the plebs directly in the head until they brainwash them and stun their minds, so that they should not only be unable to resist the enemy, but should also be transformed into a force fighting fiercely and convinced that they are fighting for themselves! To go a step further, this state of affection for their enemy is known in psychology as the Stockholm syndrome.

Naturally, propaganda is a deftly packaged weapon that always causes suffering to the weak. And within the framework of a single society in a clash of clans of opposite interests the stronger ones always win! Globally, in cases of ruthless interventions of imperialists against sovereign states, due to the former’s military, financial and political interests – as a rule small nations are on the suffering side! They crush the latter, toy with them, turn them against each other, colonize them, subordinate them, push them to war and death, destroy their states and reinstate them – and draw their borders according to their interests!

They destroy the identity of the small states, uproot them, convert them into a faceless mass referred to as citizens, cosmopolitans, internationalists... anyting but what they really are! But they have left for themselves the right to have roots, the hierarchy, the identity, the peculiarity, the model, the myth...! And where there is no myth, they invent it. They target small nations and steal, eliminate, plunder and destroy their myths that keep them together by shaping history as a network of golden threads! They appeal to these small nations “to accept reality, to look to the future..." and everything goes with the mantra: "I do not want the past, I want the future!" For a nation without past, without its own soil, without the covenant of its ancestors, without its sacred relics has no obligations, no identity, no roots, it has nothing to defend – except to belong to anyone who treads over it?!

Well, for all these jobs to be performed there is a need for the present-day “journalists”, who are highly priced at the market and who have a sign on their forehead reading “Independent”?

The refinement of "independent journalism” – to perfection – is best seen in the colour/flower revolutions that hit the nations, the countries and the regions for which they were designed! One of the early victims of this "independent journalism" was Yugoslavia – which existed in the region I come from and which, in the 1990s was ruined in a sanguinary civil and religious war! It was such propaganda spread by pre-installed "Soros media", as well as by the powerful media centers of the West that our people faced; and it is not that they failed to oppose the occupier’s propaganda – but they would put their hands in the fire for any "truth" that was then first uttered by the “independent” journalists...

This logistics of the occupier could be compared to the role of food thrown to hungry dogs! No one can tear you to pieces in such a way as starved, fierce, big shelter dogs defending their food bowls filled by their bosses!? This truth - best felt on your skin - I have already experienced on my own back!

Besides these "independents", there are extraordinary, highly professional journalists, but they do not meet the other criteria – they are not dishonest! And it is not that they are not taken care of – rather, means are indiscriminately used to eject them from the journalist profession!

I know that “the independents” will be the first to attack what I have just said and that they will use the cliché that there are no such people that speak badly about themselves! Nevertheless, the easiest way to determine whether you are on the right or on the wrong side is on the basis of whether your work is praised or attacked by the proven friends of your nation and of truth or by their proven enemies!

Small occupied countries experience yet another form of collapsed journalism, which largely accounts for the disintegration of our profession. Due to the illusion that a second opinion can also be heard, generally people feel deeply that this second opinion is the truth – journalism left to amateurs! Those so ignorant, clumsy, incapable, but ambitious individuals are allowed to “rule” in this extremely difficult area – to the great pleasure of the “independent” and their bosses?! They have a dual role: to sort of pierce the bubble of national discontent, but not let it burst, because – still a second opinion is heard here and there! And, in the second place, the way in which they do it is so mean that every individual would be ashamed to identify themselves with what they defend and stand for?! That is right – with the assistance of the dishonest and of amateurs genuine journalism has been killed!

Dear colleagues, I wouldn’t like you to perceive these words of mine as lamentation. This is just my idea of journalism today. I am aware that no one has ever granted freedom to anyone as a gift, and if you want it, you have to fight for it! Yet, how can decent people scattered here and there, alone, with their bare hands, win this battle? How can they cure journalism and raise it from the dead? It is difficult – in the absence organized, financially supported real journalism and journalists! But where can the weak – from individuals, through groups, to occupied nations – find “a shoulder” and these resources, which, coupled with the truth of a professional journalist, would give them advantage over the highly paid and occupier protected (whatever that means) propaganda activists, successfully integrated in the well-known hide-out referred to as "independent journalists"? This meeting will be meaningful only if we manage to do something in this respect!
Thank you for the attention you gave me!

Milijana Baletic, journalist from the Republic of Serbia

Sofia, 4 December 2018.